by Jade Delaney Dec 14, 2016

Share the Letter to Electors from the ECPetition at and help to stop a Trumped-up US presidency!

Information from the ECPetition at mailing list:


DEC 14, 2016 — Today we begin publishing our full-page Letter to Electors in newspapers across the country.

The letter affirms the danger Trump presents, and the right and responsibility of Electors to vote their conscience and protect the Constitution. For today's action, we are asking you to read and share it.


The letter was published today in the Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Austin American-Statesman, Salt Lake City Tribune and Tampa Bay Times. Tomorrow it will run in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Wisconsin State Journal.

The coalition of Americans who have signed this letter have staked their honor on this cause, and we are incredibly grateful for their support, courage, and faith.

We are proud to stand with you in this fight,

Daniel and the ECP team




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